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About Bao Makers

Founded in 2015, we are the first Bao concept store in Singapore to introduce traditional Chinese buns filled with local and international flavours.


Located in a century old Peranakan house, we aim to serve the best ‘baos’ in Singapore and also other delectable fusion dishes for sharing with family and friends.


The exterior is true to the building with floral tiles that we absolutely adore that aged beautifully over hundred odd years. 

Our warm and inviting ambience provides our diners with the perfect setting for various occasions, a romantic date, entertaining guests or just a casual after work dinner with colleagues & friends.

Definitely a main stay in our upcoming m

From the Press


"The baos at Bao Makers were the star of the show. While the rice bowls and sushi rolls added depth and variety to the menu, be sure to order at least a few baos the next time you’re around – you wouldn’t be disappointed."


"All it takes to fall in love is a single bite of one of these quality baos, made fresh and stuffed with only the best ingredients."


SG Magazine,

"We’re loving the welcoming vibe of the new space—and who doesn’t love a quirky concept that’s easy on the eyes and the wallet? The baos, while flavorful, are cohesive, and surprisingly light so you won’t feel like you’ve sinned for ten. You could have a proper feast at Bao Makers and still have the means to splurge on a round of drinks after, which frankly sounds like the perfect after-work remedy to us."

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